Another View….

Often seen at Race View Bed and Breakfast…

You will be our only guests. But, we get lots of visitors!


Please note:
Special diets are accommodated at Race View B&B.  We take it as a challenge to make the beginning of the day fit your needs, or to surprise you with local, fresh food that will delight your discriminating palate.  No venison is on the menu.

Raceview Bed and Breakfast only has one suite to accommodate guests in the most private and luxurious way possible.

However, some of the forest folk do demand a share of breakfasts, too, and these are neighbours that will likely come into your view while you stay with us!

“Absolutely the best breakfast in Victoria,” says Bud from the forest.

“We’ll be back”, says Tiny. “We appreciate Sharon’s thoughtful and prompt feedings and her guests are welcome in our home and native land as well.”

“We love your breakfasts, Sharon, and we hope to see you often in our home on the range.  You are the best B&B in Victoria, BC, perhaps the best B&B in  Canada.” says Diana Crawl and baby Celine.