Smokin’ Tuna Restaurant

We finally made it for dinner at Smokin’ Tuna tonight. Thursday is Open Mike night and our reservation for 6:30 was just before things got going.

We started with a glass of white wine and a house salad. The wine was chilled and the salad was amazing…..local mesclun greens with a sweet and tangy dressing.

We each chose the rack of lamb as a main course. It was a difficult decision as there were other great options but we hadn’t had rack of lamb for awhile and we love it. The lamb couldn’t have been better prepared. I like my lamb rare and Doug likes it on the well done side. We both loved ours! The lamb had a slight whole grain mustard crust with an amazing jus. Also on the plate were ratatouille style veggies and potatoes,wonderfully different and perfect with the lamb.

For dessert we shared a creme brulee with home made ice cream. There were 2 finger cookies which I didn’t get to taste but looked crispy and delicious. I love creme brulee with the crunchy topping and this was one of those. I wish I’d had room for one all to myself! But, sharing was the perfect ending to an amazing meal.


All of the food coming out of the kitchen looked just as creative, fresh and perfect. We watched chicken wings, tuna and sushi ┬ábeing devoured….which we’ll look forward to on our next trip!


Thursday’s Open Mike was lots of fun, too!


Saturday’s special is Prime Rib and we’ve been assured there are other great things on the menu as well.


What’s not to like about this?? We might just go back on Saturday. And, next time I’m taking my camera. The food was just too good not to share in my blog.


PLUS, the good news is that they’ll be open until Thanksgiving. Dinner is only from Thursday to Sunday. Lunch is Wednesday to Monday……also a must do!

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